About The Breed

Brief explanation of the American Eskimo Breed:

Three sizes: 
Toy: 9-12 inches and 6-10 pounds
Miniature: over 12 to 15 inches and 10-20 pounds 
Standard: over 15 up to 19 inches 18-35 pounds

Appearance: The American Eskimo is believed to have descended from the German Spitz. They are usually stark white to cream colored, with a wedge shaped head. They have triangular ears that stand erect and a beautifully full tail that curls up over their backs in regal fashion. The American Eskimo is characterized by its straight hair, double coat that includes a very dense undercoat and a longer coat of hair that grows through it to form the outer coat which naturally repels odor and dirt.

Temperament: The American Eskimo is known for being a very good companion dog. It is beloved for its intelligence, alertness and spunk. The breed is considered very active and quite loving. They are compact, but built with balance and agility. They are considered quite spirited, but are thought to be very good all-around pets for apartments as well as homes as long as they are properly exercised.

Check out this video from Animal Planet to learn more about American Eskimo Dogs